How does PATH work?

Before submitting your project, please read our guidelines.

PATH is easy to use. Submit your project idea with as much detail as you can. Tell us how much you need to complete your project and a deadline (maximum 60 days). Also include what type of creative rewards you will be offering your supporters. If your project meets our guidelines, we will post it here for free! PATH will only collect a fee if you meet or exceed your goal amount. If you don't, supporters get to keep their money. Thats it! (Note: With the exception of campaigns under Community Service category by a registered US non-profit, any amount raised will be go to the non-profit agency).

How can I run a successful campaign?

Here are some tips to help increase your chances of meeting your goal amount. These are just helpful tips and is not a guarantee on the outcome of your campaign.

Before you even start making your video, make a plan of how you will market your campaign. Timing is key. Maybe you are offering a reward that would make a good Valentine's Day or Christmas present, so offer it a few months in advance.

Before you post your project, tell your family and friends about your campaign. Will they support you? A large percentage of your project will be funded by your own network. If your own network does not support you, why should strangers believe in you?

Practice makes perfect. Practice your pitch with a trusted friend before shooting a video. Be sincere yet confident. Use a catchy background music or add some text. It is also better to take the video with good lighting (outdoors vs. indoors).

Explain your project in simple terms. Why it needs to be done, what the funds will be used for. Show why you are qualified to complete your project and why it needs to be done.

Offer creative rewards. What would you like to receive if you were supporting your project?

Build a positive reputation by posting regular updates on your project page. If you are running behind schedule, give an explanation on what actions you are taking to handle the situation. It is better to be upfront than to ignore the situation.

Be realistic with the amount that you are asking for. Asking for too much may turn some people off. But you also don't want to end up not being able to distribute your rewards because you did not add up the cost of shipping.

Underpromise and Overdeliver. Always leave some room for possible delays. It is better to say we will deliver your reward/s in 4 weeks and deliver it in two than the other way around.

Provide good service. Respond to questions/comments right away. You don't have to be formal but be professional.

Help spread the word around by providing a link to your project page (please do not spam and use BCC or blind copy if you are sending an email link).

Be yourself. You don't have to hire an actor or filmmaker. When we can feel your passion and energy, it makes everyone want you to succeed.

Congratulations for taking the first step in following your path! Good luck!

Submit a project for free!

Please make sure you agree to the conditions below and read our FAQ page before submitting a project. Updated September 6, 2013

I am aware that this site is in beta version. I also know that this site is only a platform for crowd funding and the site does not make any guarantees on the outcome of my campaign. I am responsible for marketing my campaign.

I am at least 18 years of age with a verified PayPal account.

I will only submit projects I know I am able to complete and only offer rewards I know I can deliver. I understand that PATH is a community about support and my actions will have an impact on the success and reputation of future project creators.

I am not raising funds for the same project at another crowd funding site at the same time.

I understand that my submission will be reviewed and is subject to approval to ensure that my project adheres to PATH's guidelines. Submitting an incomplete application (ex. no video link, project description, rewards information or Paypal email address) may not be reviewed and result in a delay in a response from PATH.

*For Project Creators with PayPal accounts in the Asia Pacific Region: I understand that PayPal does not allow personal fundraising for individuals in the APAC region and I certify that I am posting my project as a legal entity with a verified PayPal business account.

I will submit projects that I own, or have rights/permission to use from the owner. I agree to indemnify and hold PATH harmless from any claim or demand, including attorney fees and court costs, made by any party due to or arising out of content submitted, posted or used in creating my project.

My project falls under one of these categories: Art, Animation, Community Service (for registered US non-profit organizations only), Dance, Design, Education, Events, Fashion, Film/Video, Food, Games, Green Design/Environmental, Health, Home/Lifestyle, Made in the Philippines, Music, Photography, Publishing/Journalism, Sports, Technology, Theater, Web/Mobile Apps.

My project has a definite deadline. I understand funding is for my project and not for starting a business which is a continuing process.

I understand that PATH is not set up as a charitable organization and I am not asking for money for charity (except for registered US non-profit organizations under the Community Service category).

The amount I am requesting for will be used to complete my project and deliver my rewards only.

I will not sell or share the email address of my supporters with third parties. I will only use the information to respond to inquiries or provide updates regarding my project.

If my project is selected, I will provide regular updates on my project page and respond to questions posted on my comment page immediately (within 24-48 hours). I will promote my project through social media or email but will not spam others by using BCC (blind copy).

I will immediately ask PATH to cancel my project, if for any reason, I am unable to complete my project. If funds have been distributed, I will offer a full refund to my supporters.

I am liable for PATH and PayPal fees once I meet or exceed my goal amount.

I understand that I am required to have a verified PayPal account under my name (or business) in order to receive funds if my project is successful. (Please provide the email address associated with your PayPal account if different from your login).

I understand that I have to offer rewards to my supporters and deliver them as promised. I also understand that rewards are NOT financial incentives, equity or partnership, raffle entries, promise of profits or loans.

I understand that once my project is posted, I cannot change my goal amount, rewards that has already been selected and reason for my project.

I understand that a supporter may decide to change or cancel their pledge at any time which will affect my campaign. I also know that a supporter's credit card may be invalid or PayPal account may have low funds by the end of the campaign period which may change the total amount that I end up collecting.

I am liable for any PayPal payment disputes, including if my account is frozen for any reason and will immediately resolve any issues directly with PayPal.

I understand that PayPal has strict guidelines and will not hold PATH liable for any payment delays or project cancellations because of PayPal's policy.

I understand that my project, whether successful or not, may remain on PATH's site indefinitely.

PATH has the right to remove my project at any time for any unlawful use such as copyright violation, PayPal policy violation, and/or if I have misrepresented my project goals or if I have too many spam comments.

By clicking the button below, I acknowledge that I have also read the FAQ page in its entirety.

If you require further information before posting a project, contact us.


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