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A project by Physicians for Peace

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This project was SUCCESSFUL and was funded on 2013-03-15

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  • For US$1.00 or more

    500 of 500 available
    Every dollar counts! Maraming salamat po (Thank you).
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  • For US$3.00 or more

    298 of 300 available
    Your pledge will allow us to provide a student with a pair of prescription glasses. We will put your name on Physicians for Peace's Facebook page to show our appreciation.
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  • For US$9.00 or more

    197 of 200 available
    Maraming Salamat (Thank you). Your pledge will provide 2 students with the eyeglasses that they need. To show our gratitude, we will put your name on Physicians for Peace, Philippines website.
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  • For US$30.00 or more

    198 of 200 available
    THANK YOU! Your pledge will provide 10 students with the eyewear that they need. Physicians for Peace will send you an e-postcard from one one of our Seeing Clearly missions.
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  • For US$90.00 or more

    36 of 40 available
    YOU ROCK! Your pledge will provide 30 students with the eyeglasses that they desperately need. Physicians for Peace will send you a Personal Thank You video for being a champion vision supporter.
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