Travel Scholarship for an Indigenous Young Filipino Student

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This project was SUCCESSFUL and was funded on 2013-07-19

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  • For US$10.00 or more

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    Satisfaction of being a benefactor to a talented and deserving young Filipino
    Shoutout on GoodX's Facebook Page 

    Personalized thank you email from GoodX 

    Thank you on the GoodX Site
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  • For US$30.00 or more

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    All of the above, plus
    GoodX Baller ID (Delivered)
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    All of the above, plus
    GoodX Glow in the Dark Baller ID (Delivered)
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    All of the above, plus
GoodX T-shirt 

    Personalized Email/Postcard from the travel scholar
    "Pasalubong" (souvenir gift) from travel scholar’s province (Bukidnon)
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